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Victory in the Republican Primary

Updated: Oct 16

Dear Friends,

The results for the 26th District have been released, and we are overjoyed to report that we were victorious. First, I must thank my campaign team, our voters, and our donors. I am incredibly grateful for your time, energy, and encouragement. I am honored and humbled by the support I have received from my friends and neighbors in the community, as well as from the Republican town committees in the 26th District. I have really enjoyed meeting residents while campaigning and look forward to hearing from more of you. Additionally, I would like to thank Will Duff for his graciousness in defeat. Primaries are difficult, but I think our campaign team and our party are stronger for it. I am immensely proud of how the Healy campaign staff and volunteers comported themselves throughout this process. They are wonderful representatives of our district! I look forward to working with Will toward the common goal of a Republican Party victory in November not only for the 26th District, but across the state.

We all must now turn toward the larger goal of defeating a first-term incumbent Democrat who has not advocated for the taxpayers, homeowners, businesses and municipalities of the seven towns he was elected to represent. There is no time to waste. To be victorious, we need every Republican to vote and we need to convince a good quantity of unaffiliated voters, and perhaps a few Democrats to vote for us as well. This is no easy task, and we will need as many motivated volunteers as possible to help spread our message within these seven communities.

The effort to win in November starts today. If you are motivated to secure a Republican victory, please sign up to assist our campaign here. We need YOU on our team.

Today our campaign commits once more to:

  • Preventing forced school regionalization

  • Maintaining the authority of our local planning and zoning commissions

  • Supporting police officers who safeguard our communities

  • Investigating the causes of Eversource’s failure to prepare for or respond to Tropical Storm Isaias and ensuring that real solutions with audit requirements are implemented

  • Restoring fiscal responsibility to Hartford

  • Creating a business-friendly economic environment in Connecticut

  • Easing the tax and regulatory burdens on Nutmeggers

  • Keeping Connecticut’s environment clean and safe for all of us and our children

Thank you again to everyone who made this victory possible. On to the next challenge!

Please join us to create a better future for Connecticut.

Gratefully, Kim Healy

Candidate for State Senate, 26th District

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