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The August 11th Primary - Eversource and Why We Need Better Leadership

Updated: Aug 25

Dear Friends,

2020 has been a difficult year and it feels as though each month as some new, terrible surprise waiting for us. Like many of you, I lost power and internet, and I still remain without both. I have had to get creative to keep the campaign moving along.

As a mother of four children, I know that responding to Isaias starts at home: you must hold down jobs, pay bills, look for ice, internet, or cell access, and many of you do this while you raise kids, from babies to teenagers. I believe this perspective matters and is not heard enough. 

The systemic, debilitating failures of Eversource and Cablevision are not matters of politics, photo-ops and hand-wringing. They are matters we will all discuss at our kitchen tables, and that's where meaningful, customer-oriented reforms begin. The majority party in Hartford has entirely failed to deliver, and we all deserve better than this.  

We see instances like this every day where the mismanagement in Hartford has real consequences in our lives. This is why I'm running to be your next state senator, and why I need your vote this Tuesday, August 11th. I will be a true spokesperson for our district and our communities in the statehouse, not someone representing their party's larger interests and receiving political cover on votes to make them look like a moderate. This is what we see in our district's incumbent.

After Sandy, Connecticut residents were promised that Eversource's response to storms would be more quicker, more efficient, and more effective. In order to ensure that would be the case, Eversource committed to being more prepared and able to deal with storms like Isaias. Clearly, they were not prepared. The Public Utilities Regulatory Authority of Connecticut (PURA) is tasked with holding Eversource accountable for their claims and any breaches of regulation. Both Eversource and PURA need to be held to account for a system that clearly is not working well. If I am elected as the 26th District State Senator, this will be on of my highest priorities. Connecticut is heavily taxed and regulated. Small businesses don't have the resources, nor do they receive the leniency of Eversource. It is simply unacceptable for this continue given how much we pay for everything in this state.

Our district has a real opportunity at removing an incumbent Democrat and creating important changes in Hartford. To do that, we need the best candidate to beat Will Haskell. I am a mother of four, an accountant, a dedicated member of my community, and I'm working very hard to win.

I have been endorsed by the two former Senators from the 26th District, Judith Freedman and Toni Boucher, and from a variety of other well-known community figures in the district. State Sen. Gail Lavielle has also endorsed me. Furthermore, I won 2/3 of the vote in the Republican convention in May. You can see those endorsements here.

This Tuesday the 11th is the first step toward a better future in Connecticut for the 26th District. Vote the Republican line and please cast your vote for me.

Stay safe and healthy, Kim Healy

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