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Protect Ridgefield's Planning and Zoning Authority

Absentee Ballots have been reaching voters in this past week. With Covid-19, this election is like none other. The character of our towns and our candidates is extremely important. That is why I am addressing the critical issue of zoning. As Ridgefield's candidate for State Senate, 26th District, I oppose Hartford's continued attempt to entirely seize local control of zoning.

My opponent, Will Haskell, in two recent interviews with Lisa Wexler and Good Morning Wilton, continues to skirt the issue. Haskell did however laugh with his fellow Democrat colleagues during a press conference with Sen. Anwar on January 23rd, when Anwar stated if another town did not comply with the proposed changes, they would be given "the stick."

I am running to be your next state senator to protect all of our towns from Hartford's overreach.

Here are some major points from this bill:

  • Eliminates single-family zoning.

  • Allocates 10% of town land to multifamily housing and mixed-use properties.

  • Prevents “town character” justifications for zoning decisions.

  • Prohibits grandfathering of new laws so nonconforming uses will not be permitted.

  • Creates a “segregationist” designation for towns and penalizes them for meeting arbitrary criteria.

  • Allows public housing authorities to extend their reach by 15 miles into “opportunity areas.”

  • Requires “as-of-right” multifamily zoning within .5 mile radius of transit stations or areas with concentrated development (see map below).

Sources of these proposals:

  • A Senate Democrat Caucus

  • HB 5132 (2020 Session) - the bill is already drafted and ready for the next session.

  • Desegregate CT - A coalition outside of the legislature. A recent Zoom discussion on the topic was held with a Democrat member of Westport's Planning and Zoning. Note: information provided on the site does not accurately reflect the zoning within those communities.

  • Sen. Saud Anwar (Housing Committee co-chair) draft bill LCO 3508

  • New Haven Mayor Justin Elicker's Op-ed in CT Mirror advocating to Tax "segregation" in CT suburbs.

Your district needs you to vote for Kim Healy today or on November 3rd so that we can keep our zoning and our schools intact!

Click here to learn more about voting today by absentee ballot or on election day!

Thank you, Kim Healy

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