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Kim Receives Unprecedented Endorsement from Every Police Union 26th District!

Through an unprecedented alliance, the Local Police Unions of Bethel, New Canaan, Redding, Ridgefield, Weston, Westport, and Wilton have joined in support of Senate candidate Kim Healy.

Local Police Unions have historically aimed to maintain a neutral position in political matters. Their members, the men and women who have pledged to serve and protect their communities and to ensure that all rights of all citizens are equally preserved, have trusted their elected officials to legislate in support of the safety of all individuals, the public and their servants alike.

Instead, after the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota, our State legislators have rushed to a crowd-pleasing judgment and condemnation of their local Police forces, merely based on hijacked emotions rather than factual data. As a result, in July Connecticut passed one of the strongest anti-Police bills in the country, whose success was solely ensured by a partisan charge led, among others, by our incumbent State Senator William Haskell, representing District 26.

The bill was hastily put together and voted on without any meaningful consultation with those who were to be mostly affected by it. Police have been demonized and vilified, accused of random and intentional wrongdoings, and alleged to operate under the “shielding” power of a largely misunderstood qualified immunity.

The Unions’ message to our communities is that our members will continue to be proudly committed to the safety of the public, to the assistance of all those in need, and to the preservation of life and property, with the highest respect for all diversity that is the essence of humanity. But we do need your support, and we encourage you to engage in conversations with your local officers to better understand how this legislation has affected not only the officers’ ability to protect themselves, but also, as a result, their ability to safely engage to protect the communities they care about and have sworn to protect.

We serve with integrity, and we ask for our legislators to serve our State with integrity, and not in the blatant furtherance of partisan political interests.

The Unions will therefore ask you to stand with us in support of Kim Healy, as an advocate for the safety of our communities, and the safety of the men and women who have devoted their lives to the service of the public.”

Bethel Police Union New Canaan Police Union Redding Police Union Ridgefield Police Union Wilton Police Union Weston Police Union Westport Police Union

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Paid for by KIM HEALY FOR CT, Judy Domkowski, Treasurer. Approved by Kim Healy.