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Kim Healy will be Good for Economy, and Local Control of Schools and Land Use

To the Editor:
I am writing this letter in strong support of Kim Healy’s candidacy for the 42nd District State Representative seat. Kim has served on the Wilton Board of Selectmen since 2021 and is a CPA and former auditor with PwC. Her background gives her a great base from which she can help enact legislation that will help pull our state’s economy out of its current stagnation. In addition to promoting growth without handicapping businesses and residents with new taxes, Kim will also press for a reduction of unnecessary regulations and push for smarter, accountable government spending.
Two other issues of particular interest to me are the need to retain local control of our children’s schools and education and local control of planning and zoning policy. The idea that the State’s authority could supersede that of local planning and zoning commissions and dictate where future development occurs greatly concerns me as a former Wilton Planning and Zoning commissioner. Fortunately, Kim has made retaining local control of these critical functions as integral parts of her platform. Kim has my vote and I hope she gets yours as well.
Peter S. Shiue

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