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Kim Healy Understands Decisions Must Be Made Responsibly, and Locally

To the Editor:
I am writing in support of Kim Healy for State Representative. Now, more than ever, Connecticut is facing a movement from Hartford where the state wishes to control local zoning regulations in a way that would impede local zoning decisions to be made, thereby changing the built landscape of each community to become a more generic, more urban environment. They are looking to erase the diversity that makes each town unique and special. I see this firsthand given my position on Wilton’s Planning and Zoning Commission. The bureaucrats in Hartford are doing this without looking at the individual assets, topography, services, and landscape that give each community its unique character. Whereas I personally support innovation and change, the Hartford-controlled “one size fits all” nature of their thinking is an inappropriate course. With that, we need strong leadership — someone who is willing to voice a more traditional approach to development — and leadership that understands the importance of proper development, especially as it relates to economic development and its positive impact on our taxes. Kim Healy understands that history and understands that decisions have to be made responsibly, and locally.
Christopher Pagliaro

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