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Kim Healy, Toni Boucher Deserve Our Support

To the Editor:
I am writing to GOOD Morning Wilton to lend my voice on the upcoming elections. Toni Boucher has been leading the effort against school regionalization and in support of local control of schools over many years. Toni has been leading various efforts during her stints as representative and state senator at Hartford. She is contesting for the 26th Senate [District] and deserves our support based on her advocacy and great representation of our district. Kim Healy has great experience in the private sector and will bring her support for local control and autonomy in our kids’ education. She has been involved actively in efforts against regionalization and would strongly advocate for our interests and is the right candidate for the 42nd House District. Both candidates will bring in pragmatic leadership and also work to improve the business competitiveness of Connecticut. They deserve our support and I hope the readers do too.
Shri Seshan

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