Retain Local Control of Our Communities

  • Say no to school regionalization which will hurt successful schools without addressing the issues underlying struggling schools.

  • Prevent Hartford from meddling in local affairs. The legislature has no business dictating our planning and development or how we spend our resources.

Make Connecticut Competitive

  • Lower taxes on Connecticut families to end continued flight to affordable states.

  • Roll back burdensome regulation and licensure requirements which disproportionately harm lower-income residents.

Stop Hartford's Reckless Spending

  • Work with other legislators to reign in irresponsible spending, unfunded liabilities, and imprudent borrowing.

  • Balance the budget by making difficult decisions, implementing creative solutions, and returning accountability to the statehouse.

Fix Transportation

  • Ensure that Connecticut’s transportation system is sustainable and tailored to the actual needs of our residents. No more wasted money on unused programs.

  • Reform labor contracts for construction and maintenance projects, particularly project labor agreements which would save considerable taxpayer funds.

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