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Prioritize foundational skills needed to ensure higher literacy rates and math competencies


Support legislation that retains local decision-making for our schools


Advocate for resources that will keep our schools and community safe places to learn and play

Ensure parents and BOE's have a strong voice in state policy decisions regarding the health, education and mental well-being of our children

Promote early education programs for all


Strengthen laws that allow our police to protect and keep our communities safe


Support our local first responders and community safety volunteers

Women's Issues

Support and defend CT women's reproductive freedom

Advocate for laws that protect the health and safety for all women and girls

Thriving Communities
Housing and Transportation

Increase train frequency on the Danbury Line

Will take a forward-thinking approach to meaningful zoning reform that respects the importance of local decision-making

Understands the need to update state laws to provide practical, collaborative solutions to housing affordability




Restrain state spending by maintaining the current fiscal guardrails

Eliminate CT income tax on social security payments

Advocate for our small businesses

Work to achieve lower costs of living for CT families and for doing business in our state

Promote a pro-growth economy, including the reduction of unnecessary regulations, and smarter, accountable government spending


Environment & Sustainability

Supports a robust and healthy environment, and the need for sustainability

Advocate for smart, economically responsible initiatives

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