Resources and improved standards are needed in local districts to recover from post-Pandemic learning loss. Parents MUST be allowed to play a leading role.


Connecticut's education system has to keep parents first by encouraging teachers to work together with parents towards the common goal of each student's personal potential. Control over the schools should be as local as possible.  

The coronavirus brought new challenges to our education system.  Kim knows there should not be one-size-fits-all solutions for our students, parents, or teachers.

Cost of Living

Runaway inflation, high taxes and out of control spending are crippling our economy, driving the cost of daily necessities to unaffordable levels.


Residents of Connecticut are among the most highly taxed in the country.  It wasn't always this way.  Prior to 1991, the Constitution State had no state income tax and yet our citizens retained a very high standard of living.


Connecticut was in an already tenuous fiscal situation prior to pandemic, and now our financial situation is dire.   Kim will fight for a pro-growth economy with no new taxes, reduction of unnecessary regulations, and smarter, accountable government spending. 


Kim will take a forward-thinking approach to meaningful zoning reform that respects the importance of local control.


Kim will work to update state laws to provide practical, collaborative solutions to housing affordability.

Local Economy

Our local small businesses need a state representative who will advocate for them, value their hard work, and appreciate how important they are to our community.


The impact of the coronavirus on local businesses has been severe with many not knowing if and how they will survive.  Kim will advocate for policies that make sense and will get our economy moving in the right direction again.