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About Kim Healy


My name is Kim Healy. I am a wife, a mother, a former auditor with PricewaterhouseCoopers, and an engaged, proud member of my community. I have been an active volunteer locally as the treasurer of many organizations since leaving my professional career and am currently on the Board of the Wilton Library Association as treasurer. I am a volunteer tax preparer for retired and low-income individuals, and I am involved in other wonderful organizations:  Minks to Sinks; Family and Children’s Agency; Robin Hood Foundation; and Our Lady of Fatima Parish to name a few that serve the needs of people in our area.

Like most others, I never considered running for public office as I was focused on my family and serving within the community. When the Democratic majority attempted to push the state’s teacher pensions obligations onto our towns and tried to force school regionalization between districts, I paid close attention. The supermajority’s solution to problems created in Hartford is to focus on national issues, double down on bad policies, and create new taxes and user fees that don’t directly address the underlying issues. Our state legislature has been under the control of the Democratic Party for nearly 40 years–and the results speak for themselves. Connecticut is at the bottom of nearly every economic rating, experiencing net out-migration, prohibitively expensive, and losing businesses regularly. We need to work together to bring checks and balances back to Hartford.

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