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Rep. Gail Lavielle, District 143

Kim is an excellent fit for this job. She is a team player through and through. This is a skill she learned in the corporate world and one she has demonstrated through her long service as Treasurer of the Wilton Library. She has a solid reputation in Wilton as a doer, a problem-solver, and a detail-minded thinker who bases decisions on figures and facts.
She has strong analytical skills that she will bring to her approach to legislation. She genuinely enjoys interacting with people, and she will keep in constant touch with her constituents, so that she can keep them informed and represent them faithfully at all times.

Read full endorsement here.

Former Sen. Toni Boucher, Wilton


"[The 26th District] has an excellent opportunity to regain its presence in the State Senate with an outstanding local candidate who has the deep knowledge, the right skills and strong character to face the challenges ahead. 


Kim Healy is a CPA, Wilton Library Board’s Treasurer, and was formerly with PWC.  She has courageously stepped forward to run for the 26th State Senate Seat. We need Kim to help restore fiscal responsibly and common sense in Hartford. I know that she will work hard to protect Wilton and our beautiful State during this turbulent time because she genuinely cares."

Attorney William Lalor, Wilton 

Founder, Hands off Our Schools

"I enthusiastically support and endorse Kim Healy.  Kim Healy has the experience, guts and work ethic to be an authentic and effective advocate for our community in Hartford.  Kim has an exceptional track record of service and leadership and will be forceful and tough in safeguarding town schools, local governance and hard working taxpayers against persistent and destructive intrusions sought by Hartford. 

For many years, Kim has stood by Hands Off Our Schools and other community organizations, and she will do the same for us in Hartford.

Hon. Judith Freedman, Westport

Former Senator 26th District


As your former State Senator, I urge you to vote for the Republican-endorsed candidate Kim Healy, for the Senate seat I once held. I supported her at the convention and feel she is our best chance to get this seat back into Republican hands.


Kim has proven she has the wherewithal to represent us in Hartford. She is persistent and gets things done. Kim has an extensive background in finance, as well as in the community.


Please keep in mind the Democrats have controlled Hartford for the past 25  years  and have increased the state debt to  astronomical  numbers. Kim will be a strong voice in working to get control of the state budget and to representing the needs of the 26th District in Hartford. Remember, we are sending her TO Hartford  and NOT to Washington.

Rep. John Frey

State Representative, 111th District

John Frey.jpg

Connecticut faces serious economic and financial challenges, and Kim has the type of background and experience that our state badly needs.

Kim does not mince words, and she is clear about where she stands on the issues. She wants to improve Connecticut’s economy, protect our schools from misguided attempts to regionalize them, keep planning and zoning local, and support police and first responders. Kim even received endorsements from the Fraternal Order of Police and from local departments because of her advocacy.

I know from experience that she will be a great senator.

Police Unions

Every town in the 26th District


Through an unprecedented alliance, the Local Police Unions of Bethel, New Canaan, Redding, Ridgefield, Weston, Westport, and Wilton have joined in support of Senate candidate Kim Healy.

The Unions’ message to our communities is that our members will continue to be proudly committed to the safety of the public, to the assistance of all those in need, and to the preservation of life and property, with the highest respect for all diversity that is the essence of humanity. But we do need your support, and we encourage you to engage in conversations with your local officers to better understand how this legislation has affected not only the officers’ ability to protect themselves, but also, as a result, their ability to safely engage to protect the communities they care about and have sworn to protect.

We serve with integrity, and we ask for our legislators to serve our State with integrity, and not in the blatant furtherance of partisan political interests.

The Unions will therefore ask you to stand with us in support of Kim Healy, as an advocate for the safety of our communities, and the safety of the men and women who have devoted their lives to the service of the public.”

Read Full Endorsement here. Bethel Police Endorsement here.

The Fraternal Order of Police
President John Krupinsky

CT FOP.jpg

It is our honor as member of the Connecticut State Fraternal Order of Police to endorse you as a candidate to the Senate. There is no question in our mind that you will support law enforcement and keep the people of your district safe at a time when law and order has never been so important.

I urge all citizens living in your Senate District to join us in voting for you and keep your communities safe.


Sgt. John Krupinsky


Fraternal Order of Police

From the Community

Scott Hobbs

Kim understands how important it is to ensure that local municipalities like New Canaan do not get steamrolled into policies that will harm our communities.

Maureen O'Hora

Kim Healy is the most qualified to lead in a more responsible way. Kim has a strong track record as a leader, an independent thinker, and a consensus-builder; as a successful CPA, a longtime volunteer in her community, and a mother of four.

Todd Lavieri

We need to challenge and change the status quo in Hartford. Kim will shake it up. She will fight against these bad policies and in support of you and me. She is smart, thoughtful, and will listen to you. Like many, I will join in support of Kim Healy for state senator.

James McLaughlin

Kim is an accountant and an auditor, so I trust her to help restore fiscal responsibility in Hartford. She is also a strong supporter of law enforcement and first responders. Her father and brother being police officers taught her just how important police officers are to keeping us all safe. I appreciate how firm she has stood against her opponent’s anti-police bill.

Kim supports issues that will protect our most valued assets, our children and their education. She is against school regionalization and the inevitable overburdening of successful districts like New Canaan with bureaucracy. She wants to improve education outcomes for at-risk districts.

Now more than ever, we need intelligent, thoughtful and experienced leadership that really understands our towns can use their financial background to critically evaluate the financial impacts of proposed legislation. Kim will face Connecticut's most vexing issues head on and work collaboratively to find innovative solutions.

Michael E. Benevento

Maria Weingarten

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