Meet Kim

About Me

I have lived in Wilton since 2008 and in Connecticut since 1994. I grew up just outside of NYC. My father is retired from the NYPD and my mother was a nurse. I graduated from Manhattan College with a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting.


I am a CPA and was an auditor for PricewaterhouseCoopers. I have over 20 years of volunteer experience, most notably as a tax preparer, through the AARP, for retired and lower income earners and I am the Treasurer of the Board of the Wilton Library. I am married and have four children.


I have spent my life giving my time and sharing my expertise with others. I want to bring my budgeting and audit experience to Hartford to ensure accountability for the out of control spending and borrowing as well as my family and life experiences to better my community which I care deeply about.


Why I'm Running

Some people run for office to BE someone, I am running for office to DO something.

I have always preferred to work out of the spotlight, but no longer. I will work hard as your senator to get things done that will benefit the hard working people in our district.

I believe in fiscal responsibility. I'm a trained accountant and I have been the treasurer of many organizations over the years. I have the skills to work within strict budgets, make necessary cuts, and do so without effecting the quality or quantity of the programs or services of the organization.

We will get past this difficult time for Connecticut and we need people to lead us to a brighter future. I would be honored to be your state senator for the 26th District.

Kim in the Community